Gun Raffle 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Greensboro Shrine Club 32 Day Gun Raffle. One ticket could win you 32 Guns. Our first drawing August 15 (1 st Early Bird), then our next is September 15 (2nd Early Bird) and our 30 Day drawing starts  October 1st – 30th. Each winners ticket is re-entered back into the drawing making it possible to win 32 guns. Only 600 tickets will be sold.  Best of Luck and THANK YOU for supporting the Greensboro Shrine Club.


Below we have photos of the weapons that will be given away to the winner and also below are the RULES that you will have to follow if you are a winner of one of these weapons. Just click on the highlighted choices below to view.


To Purchase a Ticket call Tracy @ 336-707-6588 leave your name and number and someone will contact you. Again THANK YOU for supporting the Greensboro Shrine Club.


2017 Greensboro Shrine Club Gun Raffle (Click here to view the guns)


Rules and list of guns (Click here for the Rules and Calendar for the giveaway of guns)



Aug15 Ticket #100089 Walt Jones                                          Oct 17 Ticket#100091 AE Owens

Sept15 Ticket#100071   David Lucas                                      Oct 18 Ticket#100566 Marty Reed

Oct 1    Ticket#100176   Adam Adkins                                    Oct 19 Ticket#100479 Kim Rayle

Oct 2                                 Chuck Forrester                               Oct 20 Ticket#100078 Bennie Felton

Oct 3    Ticket#100205  Angela Fox                                         Oct 21 Ticket#100011 Micheal Puckett

Oct 4    Ticket#100014  Michael Puckett                                 Oct 22 Ticket#100334 Terry Flinchum

Oct 5    Ticket#100018  Phil Black                                            Oct 23

Oct 6    Ticket#100434  Joe Bostic                                            Oct 24

Oct 7    Ticket#100273  Leroy Maynard                                   Oct 25

Oct 8   Ticket#100101   Bobby Disher                                      Oct 26

Oct 9   Ticket#100061   Bobby Disher                                      Oct 27

Oct 10  Tichet#100176  Adam Adkins                                      Oct 28

Oct 11  Ticket#100012   Micheal Puckett                                 Oct 29

Oct 12 Ticket#100125   Tim Taylor                                           Oct 30

Oct13  Ticket#100244  Larry Collins                                        Oct 31

Oct14  Ticket#100565 Brad Scott

Oct15  Ticket#100291  JL Murphy

Oct16  Ticket#100002 Bill McKendry